We’re generating 10,000+ intent-based leads every month, with a total of $500,000,000+ in revenue generated for our clients since 2018

Igniting growth for a plumbing franchise.

We’re generating over 200 high-quality, intent-based leads every month.

digital marketing rocket

The results

Here’s what an average month looks like for this client with our intent-based lead generation campaign

Phone Calls

Landing Page Traffic


Conversion Rate

Ad Budget
mens clinic lead generation performance graph
mens clinic lead generation performance graph

“I was using the marketing tools that the franchisor offers to us franchise owners and I used their recommended marketing company to run ads. We had some okay results and we were getting business but nothing really to write home about. Then I met Jeremy at a BNI networking event and he offered to give me a free audit on my Google Ads account. How can you pass up something that’s free? A couple days later he sent me a 20 page document with screenshots that outlined everything that could be done in the account to help increase the number of phone calls we were receiving and spend less per call. I was impressed with his knowledge and understanding of Google Ads and decided to hire him to start a campaign from scratch so I could compare what he could do for me vs the Franchisor’s recommended company. After only 3 months his campaign was outperforming the Franchisor’s go-to marketing company 4-to-1. Needless to say I stopped working with the other company and hired Ignition Digital Marketing to handle all of my lead generation.”

– Ryan Davis, Benjamin Franklin Franchise Owner

Project summary

help a plumbing franchise owner increase the number of phone call leads they receive each month

This client came to Ignition Digital Marketing seeking outside help with their Google Ads account. They provide plumbing services to homeowners and businesses.
mens cinic lead generation project summary
mens clinc lead generation strategy

The strategy

an action plan to get results

We know what it takes to generate high-quality, intent-based leads for home pro services. Our strategy includes:

  • Competitor Research
  • Geographical Keyword Research
  • Ad Group and Ad Creation
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Optimizations

Proven results

another successful campaign resulting in growth

After just 3 months of our expert Google Ads management, we were able to outperform the Franchisor’s recommended marketing company 4-to-1 without increasing the budget. Each month we are:
  • Generating about 200 phone call leads
  • Sending 800 unique visitors to a landing page, resulting in even more high-quality intent-based leads through contact form submissions (free quote requests).
  • Achieving a 23% phone call rate, meaning 1 in 4 people clicking on our ads are calling this client.

Continue reading below to read more about our process.

mens clinc lead generation results

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Our Google Ads process

Discover exactly how we create, manage, and optimize successful Google Ads campaigns for our clients.


Step 1: Onboarding

getting to know your business

We start the advertising campaign with a meeting, whether in person or virtually, to learn as much as possible about you and your business. We have you run us through your business model, focusing mostly on your value propositions and customer segments as well as your goals for the campaign. We’ll also have you inform us about who your direct competitors are. This gives us a strong understanding of your business and target customers. It also allows us to create customer personas.

Step 2: Competitor research

investigating your competition

With the onboarding completed, we learn about your competition in the second step of our advertising process. We want to see what their ads look like and roughly how much they are spending for their ads. If you are a local business, we’ll search for local competitors in your area, including the ones listed in the on-boarding meeting.
competitor research
keyword research

Step 3: Keyword research

what are people actually searching for

Keyword research is the next step that we implement in our advertising process. We take the services, products, and locations of your business and derive the best keywords that we should focus on for the campaign. For a local business that serves local customers, we’ll focus on localized keywords and “near me” keywords. This will help generate localized traffic to our landing pages from the advertisements.

Step 4: Landing pages

creating highly focused conversion pages

In order for an advertising campaign to be successful, the traffic has to go to a landing page. We create high-converting landing pages based on data from all of our other campaigns for each of the different ad groups, making sure the content on the page is relevant to the content from the ads and the keywords that brought them to this point, which increases conversion rates.
Landing Page
ad creatives

Step 5: Ad creatives

crafting the advertisements

Now that the research has been completed and we’ve created highly- optimized landing pages for the traffic, we begin creating the ads themselves. These creatives include the headlines and descriptions for the ads, as well as any extras like call-outs.

Step 6: Launch ads

unleash the leads

Once the landing pages and the ads have been created, we launch the campaign! Now we sit back and start collecting the data in order to analyze and optimize the campaign’s performance.
on-page optimization
analytics integration

Step 7: Analyze and optimize

gathering the data

Once the advertising campaign has begun we closely monitor the data coming in from the campaign. The first two weeks are extremely important as it sets the tone for the entire campaign.

We analyze the data and make adjustments to the campaign to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the ad spend budget.

Some of the items we look at include the search terms that the ads are showing for and add more keywords and negative keywords, as well as demographic information to hone in on the perfect customers.

Step 8: Ongoing optimization

fine-tuning the advertising campaign

The last step of our advertising process is to continuously monitor and analyze the campaign data. We begin making advanced bid adjustments to the campaign to further increase budget spend efficiency. From there we look to see what the highest performing factors are  in the campaign and splice them into their own campaign which we call a “money-maker set”.
continous optimization

Now it’s your turn

You’ve seen what we’ve done with this client and you’ve learned about our process, now it’s time for us to help you generate high-quality, intent-based leads.